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Take Action

How to MoveIn


1. Contact Us

While there are no application forms or interviews, we'd love to support and have a conversation with you.


4. Move In

Move in to your new home with your teammate(s).


2. Find a place to live

Visit your desired community and look for an available room or house to rent.  Begin to form friendships in the community.


5. Pray Weekly

Spend time each week praying with your team.   This is the foundation of everything we do.

3. Form Your Team

Thriving and sustainable teams are made up of 3 or more committed team members. Consider who might join you on this journey and invite them.


6. Plug In

Stay connected with the other MoveIn teams through occassional gatherings and prayer for each other.

How to MoveIn

Come, Join us
Contact us for next steps

We are currently working on building a 1-week intensive course for college-age and above people who want to learn more about:

  • God’s heart for the unreached of the world

  • God’s heart for the poor

  • How you can be involved in God’s mission


Contact us if you are interested, or if your youth group or student group might be interested.

MoveIn Course
MoveIn Course

The MoveIn Vision Team is growing quickly and we could use some help in the following areas:

  • website development

  • planning Lakbay-Langin

  • communications

  • etc

Whatever your skill set, contact us and we will help you serve God through MoveIn!

Partner with us

Thank you for considering your role in loving the unreached, urban poor alongside MoveIn. Over the years we have had many partnerships that have supported the MoveIn movement in incredible ways.

  • ministry partner: partner with MoveIn teams

  • patch research

  • promote MoveIn

  • mentor

Partner with us
Other ways to get involved


Give to the mobilization work of the MoveIn Vision Team!


Learn more about the 3i movement and start or join a prayer group.

Speaking Engagement

Invite us to speak at your church or small group!



Sign up for Lakbay-Langin — or coordinate one in your city!


Join us this October living on 50 pesos per day.

Other ways to get involved
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